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Would you want to write for us?

SEO Diggerz welcomes guest articles from both casual bloggers and professional authors who want to contribute to our site and provide useful information with our audience.

We are, however, receiving an increasing number of guest blogs that are badly written, poorly researched, and offer little value to our readers. We are also receiving a large number of improper proposals, indicating that the writer did not read our standards or review prior pieces on our site.

To deter such futile attempts, we have amended our guest post submission standards and ask that you read them before submitting your material.

Following our instructions will guarantee that your post is published as soon as possible (depending on our queue) and without rejection! 🙂

Write about the following themes for us:

Education / learning / STEM / Teacher – student

Technology /  CRM / AI / ERP

Marketing / Digital Marketing / Content Marketing / Video marketing

SEO / Social media

Health / mental health / self-improvement 

P.S you can also share other niche related posts but please send us an email with suggested topics before writing the draft.

Content submission requirements: 

Content must be relevant, up to date, and entirely original.

The article should be at least 700 words long (excluding the title and subheadings).

The writing should be reader-friendly, dynamic, and simple to understand.

At least one featured image is required. 

Please give relevant reference link(s) for any claims or statistical data contained in the material.

At the conclusion of the article, a professional author bio is permitted (optional).

Direct sales pitches or hyperlinks to the promotional product page are permitted. If your homepage is relevant, you may link to it from the author profile or from inside the article.

User-intent content is always preferred above overly keyword-optimized material.

We do not accept reposted material.

Guidelines for content formatting: 

‘Capitalize Each Word’ for the post title.

Subheadings should be written in the ‘Sentence case.’

Allow ample space between paragraphs and sections.

There should be a decent beginning and conclusion to the piece.

At the conclusion of the text, list all of the reference links and picture sources.

Please include the search term code in the subject line of your email when sending it:

“write for us” technology

“write for us” marketing

“write for us” SEO

“write for us” AI

“write for us” digital marketing

“write for us” content marketing

“write for us” finance

“write for us” business

“write for us” education

“write for us” health

You can include some other indicators as well to search for free guest post sites online:

“write for us” artificial intelligence

“write for us” fintech

“write for us” social media

“write for us” blogging

“write for us” self improvement

“write for us” mental health

“guest post” technology

“guest post” marketing

“guest post” blogging

“guest post” SEO

“guest post” AI

“guest post” digital marketing

“guest post” content marketing

“guest post” artificial intelligence

“guest post” finance

“guest post” business

“guest post” fintech

“guest post” social media

“guest post” education

“guest post” self improvement

“guest post” health

“guest post” mental health

“submit blog post” technology

“submit blog post” marketing

“submit blog post” blogging

“submit blog post” SEO

“submit blog post” AI

“submit blog post” digital marketing

“submit blog post” content marketing

“submit blog post” artificial intelligence

“submit blog post” finance

“submit blog post” business

“submit blog post” fintech

“submit blog post” social media

“submit blog post” education

“submit blog post” self improvement

“submit blog post” health

“submit blog post” mental health

“contributing writer” technology

“contributing writer”  marketing

“contributing writer” blogging

“contributing writer” SEO

“contributing writer” AI

“contributing writer” digital marketing

“contributing writer” content marketing

“contributing writer” artificial intelligence

“contributing writer” finance

“contributing writer” business

“contributing writer” fintech

“contributing writer” social media

“contributing writer” education

“contributing writer” self improvement

“contributing writer” health

“contributing writer” mental health

How to Reach Us:

Reach out to us at [email protected].

Now that we are clear on what we expect, let us join hands to create amazing content! Good luck folks.😀

Thank you for your interest! 

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