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Are you planning to buy unique gifts for your loved ones but not sure what to purchase? Let fitness be the ultimate resolution for you as well as your dear ones and that too not just on the new year. So, how about you buy gifts for your close ones on the theme of fitness? All of us know how vital it is to stay fit in this demanding and competitive world. 

However, because of hectic schedules, not everyone has the time to spend hours in the gym. Gifts that help people look after their fitness at home would hence be priceless. Besides, these gifts will be of high utility and will serve the purpose for a long time. 

This blog lists the 21 best fitness gifts that help your loved ones lead a modern and healthy lifestyle. Let us check out these gift ideas then! 

Best fitness gifts for your loved ones:

1. The Lift Log Workout Journal

This is the old school of tracking fitness. Yes, many devices can do that for people in this digital age. But if your loved ones like things the orthodox way, there cannot be a better gift then lift log workout journal. When people write down their workouts, they can observe their patterns and progress in a more organised way. Besides, it is an easy way to eliminate the distractions that other tracking devices may indulge people in. This fantastic gift is undoubtedly going to help them. 

2. Bala Bangles

These fascinating wrist and ankle weights make fitness more accessible for all. You would often spot celebrities like Jessica Alba using this fitness gear. It is a trending fitness accessory, and your workout-enthusiast friends are going to love it. Besides, it is an excellent flex to have for gym selfies. The best part is, bala bangles will suit your budget as it is not a very expensive gift. 

3. YogaToes

Not many people pay attention to the fitness of their feet even if they hit the gym daily. But a pair YogaToes is a brilliant idea as a gift to a fitness enthusiast. With this gift, you can convey a tender message that you care for their feet. These are small gel separators, and they offer excellent stretch and strength. With their use, a person can get good endurance, balance, and mobility for their feet. 

4. Fleece Jacket

If the person you are finding a gift for is an active workout guy or girl, this is a great idea. These are made of stretchable polyester fabric and can absorb moisture. So, a fitness enthusiast can wear it during his workout routine and enjoy the comfort. Your buddy will love to wear a fleece jacket to the gym or during his jog in winter. 

5. Yoga Mat

A perfect gift for your close ones if they share a loveable relationship with yoga. There are hundreds of yoga mats to choose from at the eCommerce sites. You can choose from a variety of rugs based on your budget. It is recommended that you compare the options well and go for a yoga mat slightly broader and longer than the typical yoga mats. 

It is an easy to find gift and will be of great value for your buddy who is an active yogi. Yoga is such an imperative practice to attain fitness and the power of body language. You should encourage your loved ones to practice it with complete dedication. 

6. A pair of running shoes

How about you gift a lovely and comfortable pair of running shoes to your most adored person? They can embark on a new journey of fitness. There are a myriad of brands and options to choose from if you are considering this idea. 

You just have to look for the most comfortable fit in your budget. The person who receives this gift should enjoy the wear and comfort during their workout. You can choose from the fantastic range from Nike, Adidas, New Balance and so on. 

7. Protein Powder

What better than a tasty and delightful means to fitness? Protein shakes taste excellent and offer fantastic health benefits. People who work out regularly often look to add as much protein to their diet as they can. This gift can hence be a great idea to suit their daily needs of protein intake. Moreover, protein shakes come in many flavors, and you can choose one based on your choice. They are going to thank you for this delicious gift for a long time! 

8. Fitbit Sense

If the other person is close to you and budget is not a significant consideration, you can go for this excellent fitness gear. This smartwatch from Fitbit comes with features like skin temperature sensor, ECG, EDA, etc. This can help the other person comprehensively track his fitness. It is a state of the art gear that combines a smartwatch with fitness tracking. There is no real reason why someone will not like this gift. 

9. A pair of funky boxing gloves

Any fitness pro will love a pair of cool gel boxing gloves. Gel boxing gloves make a wonderful gift as they come with gel impact protection foam. They effectively protect the fists, and the breathable mesh does not let the palms become sweaty. 

A nice pair of boxing gloves can make a boxing routine much more fun and fruitful. It can be one of the most affordable gift ideas for men who like to sweat it out at the gym. What are you waiting for then? Why not start the lookout right away? 

10. Wireless Headphones

Some people cannot work out in the absence of music. They love working whilst their favourite playlist is on. But working out with a pair of wired headphones can be discomforting and uneasy. So, why not make life easier for your special someone by gifting them a pair of wireless headphones. 

If the person is too close to you, you can even go for Airpods. This makes even more sense if the person is a religious Apple lover. It would be the fanciest gift ever, isn’t it? Even if you do not want to go for Airpods, you can choose from a wide spectrum of the best wireless headphones. 

11. Subscription of a high-end fitness app

Fitness apps are different from Youtube tutorials or fitness magazines. The best in class fitness applications have a structured workout regime that enables a person to put in the best efforts. To add, these applications come with diet charts, reminders, progress tracking, and much more. These applications recommend workout styles and exercises based on the preference of the user. 

While health magazines cater to general fitness needs, these apps are customisable.  The users can customise the app features to suit specific needs and workouts. It would not be wrong to say that having such an app is as good as having a personal fitness trainer. Worth a try for sure and this can help the other person explore new horizons of fitness. 

12. Resistance Bands

A set of resistance bands will be a delightful gift for the one who is planning to build one endurance. A group of durable resistance bands is a cost-effective and space-friendly option. A person can use these to train the muscles of the entire body from head to toe. Resistance bands are great alternatives for buying a complete set of weights which can be too expensive. With so many pros, are you not considering this fabulous option already?

13.  A good quality jump rope

If your friend or dear one is not a hardcore gym going person but only wants to start some cardio, go for a jump rope. A high-speed jump rope is an excellent way to burn some calories and stay in shape. These are adjustable, and people can tailor them according to their needs. What makes it an even more fantastic option is its inexpensiveness of it.

14. Series 6 Apple Watch

Some people are so precious that you never bother about the price tag of a gift. The new Apple Watch Series 6 is a fantasy for every Apple lover and fitness follower. This is an excellent way to monitor fitness, and its style is class apart. This allows the user to track steps, heart rate, oxygen levels in the blood, and much more. You will get a tender hug instead of this watch for sure! 

15. Gym Bag

A stylish gym bag will add immensely to the appeal of your fitness freak friend. Besides, a spacious yet concise duffle bag is going to be helpful for your buddy. He can fit all the necessary gym equipment in the bag and walk into the gym in style. It can make life hassle-free for the other person as it can store all the gymming needs. Look for the most durable and stylish bag for a valuable person! 

16. Sports Deodorant

No one likes to smell bad after an intense workout session. A collection of sports deodorant can be a useful and of course valued gift for your special someone. People often carry a sports deodorant to the gym to use after sweating. Besides, sports deodorants are available in all ranges of budgets for you to choose from conveniently. 

17. Mobile treadmill

A treadmill is a common and effective way of staying fit and in shape. But a treadmill does not always need to be bulky such that it causes issues of space. A portable treadmill is a perfect alternative for the bulky ones. It is very convenient to use and can easily be pushed under the bed or couch after use. It can help a person maintain a daily fitness routine without having to go to the gym. You can easily find one online and order the best option. 

18. Foam Roller

No fitness regime is complete unless the foam rollers come into the picture. They help a great deal to release muscle tension and relieve soreness. Not only this, but it also facilitates the process of making body muscles more flexible. If your loved one is a fitness freak, he or she should have a personal foam roller. In case they don’t, you have an excellent opportunity for a unique gift here! 

19. Weighed Vest

A weighted vest will add a lot more intensity to even the most specific workouts. A 20 kg weighted vest will be ideal for someone who is an active gym goer or workouts at home regularly. It adds significantly to endurance training, cardio, and strength building. 

20. Infrared Sauna Blanket

It has many incredible benefits that your dear ones will love. It helps in reducing stress, body inflammation, and improves the flow of blood. To add, it also helps in skincare and maintaining a good sleep routine. Isn’t it a fantastic gift to bring the features of a fancy spa home in the form of a spa blanket? This is the ideal gift for those who spend hours in spa saloons. 

21. Cast iron dumbbells

Everyone knows the benefits of dumbbells pretty well. Buying a pair of cast iron dumbbells for your favourite person is easy and convenient. This allows a person to follow a workout routine at home with easy weight-lifting exercises. It is an easy way to stay fit without sweating much. This makes it a perfect gift for your slightly lazy loved ones. 

In all, 2020 has been a terrible year for everyone given the miserable COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is looking forward to the future with new hopes. Besides, everyone’s fitness has deteriorated during months of lockdown and isolation at home. So, for all reasons, fitness should be one of the most important things and when you gift fitness equipment or accessory to another person, you make a statement that you love them and care for their health. 

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