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5 Phenomenal Hacks To Amplify Your Instagram Presence

Hacks To Amplify Your Instagram Presence

The whole contemporary marketing world is completely revolving around one word which is digitalization. Today’s audience is also very much attracted to the utilization of social media which opens a wide opportunity for businesses to pitch their products or services to a wider audience base. In order to successfully attain the same, it is essential for businesses to amplify their online presence to grab the attention of their target audience. 

There are multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and so on. And this trend of shopping from social media was started by the younger generation and that is why they have always been a major target audience of various businesses operating online. 

However, with the largest young generation user base, Instagram seems to be a clear winner for becoming the major target of businesses that can be utilized to enhance their online presence. In fact, if we take a look at the statistics, more than 200 million businesses are using Instagram to reach their target audience. 

Irrespective of the fact that everyone is giving their best while investing their efforts in Instagram marketing but only some are successfully executing the plan. What could be the possible reasons behind the same?

The difference between the two lies in the hacks businesses use to amp up their presence on Instagram. So, if you are also one of the businesses that are trying their best to mark their presence on Instagram but still are waiting to see the substantial difference, then this blog will effectively highlight the top 5 phenomenal hacks that can assist your businesses in magnifying its online presence on Instagram. 

5 Extraordinary Hacks To Enhance Instagram Presence

Hook Audience Through Reels

Seeing the craze of TikTok all around the globe, Instagram introduced a similar feature of short videos which is also popularly known as Reels. As soon as the feature got introduced, Instagrammers accepted it with wide-open arms and the craze for Reels also got viral similar to how videos go viral in a flash on Reels. This is the reason it is our very first hack for increasing online presence on Instagram and you should try to use Instagram Reels to the fullest. Creating creative Reels on Instagram will assist you in engaging your target audience in a more worthwhile way. 

Through Reels, you can create various short videos with lengths up to 30, 60, or 90 seconds delivering valuable information related to your brand or business. This will assist in delivering your message to the target audience in the shortest time possible. This will assist in engaging your target audience. In fact, as per statistics, Reels get 22% more engagement on Instagram than regular Instagram videos. 

However, as the attention span of the target audience is getting shorter, you only have a few seconds to hook your target audience. Hence, it is always advisable to showcase your brand’s logo or the product in the first few seconds so that even if your target audience resists watching your full video. 

At least they will remember your brand. This will assist in building your brand authority on Instagram along with bolstering your presence on the platform. 

Increase Reach Via Hashtags

Instagrammers often assume that the trend of using hashtags is an outdated trend but in reality, the power of hashtags is one of the most underrated features of Instagram. Using relevant hashtags on Instagram can assist you in enhancing your post reach. 

Moreover, recently Instagram has allowed its users to follow the hashtags instead of business profiles to engage with the topic they are interested in. This opened up even a wider opportunity for businesses like yours to use the hashtags and directly reach the target audience that can be your potential customers. 

For example, if you are a wildlife photographer or wedding photographer, then using hashtags like #wildlifephotgraphy or #weddingphotograps will assist you in reaching the people that are actually interested in your niche and can be even interested in your business. 

As we all know that the magic number to get the highest engagement is 30. This implies that using 30 hashtags on a single post can boost your engagement and outreach on Instagram. Other than that, as per statistics, using a single hashtag can drive 12.6% higher engagement on Instagram.  

Moreover, did you know that you can also use hashtags on stories to increase the user engagement rate on Instagram? If you feel that using hashtags on your stories makes your stories look cluttered or messy, here is a quick tip. 

Write the top engaging hashtags of your niche and then match the color of the text with the background color. This will assist you in concealing your hashtags which will assist in enhancing your story reach on Instagram without making your space look cluttered. 

Utilize User-Generated Content

On one hand, people love shopping through social media but on the other hand, they also fear falling into the traps of fraud businesses selling on Instagram. This being the case, showcasing the people that other people are your customers and are happily purchasing from you.

This is where the concept of user-generated content enters the picture. To define, using the reviews or feedback generated through your customer when converted into interactive content in the form of images, testimonial videos, and so on is called user-generated content. 

This will assist you in gaining the trust of your target audience and will ensure that they do not fear purchasing from your brand. Moreover, the more people will trust your brand the more likely they will engage with your posts and business. In fact, if we look at the statistics given by Embed Social, UGC posts have a 28% higher engagement rate than branded content.

As engagement is one of the crucialkey performance indicators on Instagram, as more people engage with your businesses, it will contribute immensely to enhancing your presence on the platform. 

Use Instagram Carousel

Instagram Carousel is one of the key features of Instagram that can assist in enhancing your presence on Instagram and actually many businesses are not aware of this hack. The Instagram Carousel feature allows you to post multiple pictures of your brand authority on Instagram in a single post. 

If we look at it from Instagram’s algorithm point of view, then multiple pictures allow your users to stay on your post for a longer time as they will scroll through multiple pictures. This will assist in boosting the time your user spends on the post which directly impacts the engagement rate of your Instagram. 

To validate, a recent study showed that  Instagram carousel posts have a 5.13% higher engagement rate than a single picture or video posted on Instagram. 

Hence, you can post various pictures or videos depicting various aspects of your business. Hence, you can use the Instagram Carousel in different below-mentioned ways to leverage this extraordinary feature of Instagram for enhancing your online presence on the platform. 

  1. You can tell your brand’s story or any achievement by creating various engaging pictures and can post it all in the form of a Carousel. 
  2. You can share multiple pictures of an event that happened at your workplace
  3. You can post the catalog of your recent or latest launched products. 

Leverage Collaborative Posts

As much as you want, Instagram also wants your business to touch the new levels of success. This is the reason why it keeps on launching its new and unique features to give businesses the opportunities of enhancing their presence on the platform. Instagram recently launched one such feature that allows users to post a single collab post that will be shown on the feeds of both the collaborated businesses. 

This feature will allow users to showcase their brand to the followers of other collaborated businesses. This can assist in successfully pitching your business to a completely new audience which further helps in welcoming some new followers or customers to your business page. 

The feature of collab posts has given a completely new hype to influencer marketing on Instagram because earlier influencers only use to tag the pages of business. However, with a collab post, businesses can post a single post that will be visible on the influencer’s feed as well. This will assist in boosting the reach of your business profile as well. 

As this can be a great opportunity to attract new customers, you need to make sure that you collaborate with someone that compliments your business and not some random business with just a good number of followers. For example, if you run a business of women’s jewelry, then posting a collab post with a female influencer will have much more impact than some other famous regular influencers. 

Thoughtfully picking your collaborator will assist in pitching your business to the right target audience which can be converted into the lead and even customers of your business. So, now it’s your turn to embrace this change on Instagram using an effectivechange management process

To encapsulate, Instagram is a great platform for businesses to reach their target audience and enhance the growth and revenue of their business. The need is to effectively understand what works best on the platform that can assist you in enhancing your online presence on Instagram. Moreover, the above-given hacks can significantly assist your business to skyrocket its engagement and presence on Instagram. 

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