5 Astonishing Benefits of Augmented Reality in Business

It’s been a while now since the virtual world has been introduced to us by the latest technologies all around the world. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality have been some of the hot words of the virtual world. Every technology has its unique and exceptional benefits, but augmented reality is the most efficient for the business world. It has been decades that we have been using augmented reality technology in the aviation industry and military but now the business world is also openly accepting augmented reality.

In fact, as per statistics, 88% of businesses are either already using or are testing AR for implementation in business. This implies that AR has the potential to revolutionize the business world for good. However, now the question arises is that if so many businesses are already using augmented reality, what exactly are the benefits of AR in business? That being the case, this blog will effectively highlight the top 5 benefits of AR in business.

5 Essential Advantages of Augmented Reality in business

1. Fascinates users and clients

We all know how appealing the concept of Snapchat lenses is which makes our Bitmojis dance around. This was the main reason Snapchat got wide popularity among the young generation because this tech-savvy feature made even simple concepts more appealing by connecting the virtual and physical worlds. This highlights one of the core benefits of AR that businesses can leverage for enhancing the growth of their business.

As AR is a new technological term in the business world, it significantly has the power to grab the attention of the users and clients in the market. This is where businesses can leverage the exceptional appeal that pleases contemporary consumers.

This unique technology can assist you in gaining a competitive advantage over others because consumers also want to have the immersive experience of the latest technology that can assist them in being tech savvy.

Besides, if your business will leverage augmented reality, it will also assist in enhancing your brand awareness in the highly competitive market. Brand awareness will assist you in generating more and more leads that will assist you in enhancing the revenue of the company significantly.

2. Reduces the workload of teams

Augmented reality is a complete package in itself. So, if you are using AR in your business, it will automatically reduce the efforts of your team. This will save them additional time and cost that they might have to spend to pitch their business to the target audience. This can save time and money which can be invested in other significant tasks which companies might have to perform.

Let’s understand this through an effective example. Assume, a furniture manufacturing company sells a sofa to a customer that’s supposed to get delivered by a certain date. But after the product was delivered, the consumer did not like it and decided to return it. This wasted whole efforts in convincing consumers to purchase the product and the delivery cost that your business had to bear.

Now, if you had the augmented reality technology integrated into your business, your users could have simply experienced the 3D simulation of the selected product. . It will save them and you both the time and the hassle of making sales.

3. Provides real-life experience before purchasing

The whole concept of augmented reality in business is based on the model of trying before you purchase. This is one of the strongest benefits that businesses can avail themselves of because of augmented reality.

The biggest example of leveraging this exceptional benefit of augmented reality is one of the key players of the clothing and accessories brand, Gucci. Recently the top clothing and accessories brand launched its “Gucci Try On” app. This try-on app allows the consumers of the brand to actually try on the different pieces of apparel and shoes virtually in their real environment.

If you will implement this AR  in your business, it will bring your business enormous benefits such as

  1. It can influence the purchasing decisions of your consumers and assure them whether they are making the right choice regah3duct or not. This confidence in purchasing can also encourage them to purchase often. To substantiate as per Threekit, 71% of the consumers said that they would purchase more often if businesses kept providing unique experiences with AR.
  2. If your customers will start leveraging the unique benefit of trying on before purchasing, they would be sure of what they are purchasing. Hence, it will add up to a satisfactory experience for the consumer with your brands.

This way, you will successfully be able to enhance the efficiency of your business using augmented reality in your business. Other than this, your customers can also customize your products in AR mode and customers are fascinated by this concept as well. In fact, as per statistics, 40% of the consumers claimed that they are willing to pay more if they get the option to customize their products in AR.

4. Assists in testing new products

There are times in a business when they have to scale up and add up new products for successful business diversification. This is the part where businesses often get scared of investing huge sums of money in a business. They fear that there are chances that newly added products might not perform well in the market and they might have to bear the losses. This is where AR can be your efficient helping hand.

If you ever decide to get into a product diversification and add new products to your business, you can freely give the option to your consumers by using the AR feature. Using this AR feature, you can launch a few of the prototypes in the market and ask your existing customers to try them in the virtual mode and give honest feedback regarding the products.

As it will not cost them anything, so they would also try on your new products without any hesitation. After getting the feedback, you can take note of other internal factors of the new products as well and conduct an effective SWOT analysis to analyze the product and make the necessary changes.

Once the necessary changes are made, you can launch the product officially and acquire new customers as well as in customer retention to make your business profitable. This way you can successfully establish your brand in the market with the no to minimum risk possible.

5. Boosts the Productivity of Your Employees

Stephen R. Covey once correctly quoted, “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” This quote holds relevance in the contemporary world as well.  If you get successful in keeping your employees happy, they will automatically be productive in working towards the growth of your business.

However, you can not also deny the fact that training and upskilling your employees are some crucial employee engagement ideas to boost the productivity of your business. This is where AR can be your efficient partner to enhance the productivity of your employees.

By giving the opportunity to your employees to significantly learn and adapt the new skills through 3D simulations of the concepts in real life, you can significantly teach them efficiently. These 3D representations of the skills and concepts will assist your employees in comprehending the concepts more efficiently.

Besides, these 3D visualizations can also assist you in examining the prototypes or other functional operations running in a business. This way, your employees will be able to make more informed decisions about the business. It will assist you in enhancing the efficiency of your business.

To encapsulate, we have successfully established that AR is a really simple technology but it has a number of benefits that can assist businesses in enhancing their growth and profitability of the business. Hence, the need is to effectively understand the above-given benefits of AR in businesses and use them to enjoy its exceptional benefits.

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